Quick lunch for local beloved guests…:-)

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who love anchovies, goat cheese & dark chocolate… :-) cu care am vorbit “frangleza”… :D

- anchovy, goat cheese, mushroom pizza;
– moelleux-amandes-chocolat=almond soft cake with dark chocolate chips, crème de caramel au beurre salé breton – the French art of bakery… :-) servit cu crème anglaise & cidru brut normand, of course!
– mangue & grenades(rodii)…

yummy & cheers! :-)
speaking of anchovies, this is a fake story, I’ve been to Portland, Maine… :-)

- – -
come on, one last kiss: ;-) – Magic Dick la muzicutza… ;-)

10 thoughts on “Quick lunch for local beloved guests…:-)

    • Hi Ratounet! sunt cumparate de la fermierii locali, care au contract cu o ciupercarie(champignons de Paris!) din “judetu'” Haute-Haronne… :-) Le curat mereu de “piele”, iar crude, taiate-n lamele fine, le-adaug la o salata composée… :-)


  1. It seems very good of course ! Speaking of “caramel au beurre salé” I ate an icecream some days ago of this soft flavour , i also chose cinnamon which I do appreciate :)

    On my phone I can’t watch the slideshow or the videos but I’m sure the pictures are nice :)

    • Michèle, I simply love caramel au beurre salé&cannelle… :-) The jar in the slideshow is (a gift) from Edith de Nantes… ;-) Have a great Sunday & xoxoxo, à+! ;-)

    • Hapi, confirm, ca si prajitura… :-) atât pizza cu saumon fumé, cât si cea cu anchois marinati în ulei de masline, usturoi si mirodenii, au mereu succes, de n-a mai ramas o “fimiritura”! Mi s-a repetat si azi c-ar trebui sa deschid un resto… :-)

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