To have or not to have “fesses-bouque/bouc”…:-)

simpatica imagine mi-a fost trimisa de-o prietena locala, catlover ca mine… :-)
Sunt întrebata periodic daca am cont-facebook? N-am! N-am fost si nu-s înscrisa pe nici-o retea sociala. C’est anormal ou grave, docteur? :-) Nu ma atrag “chestiile” de pur conformism, faptu’ ca toata “lumea” are FB nu-i un argument suficient pentru mine! :-) As fi putut sa-mi aleg un pseudonim si sa dau buzna, dar… pe net, nu exista anonimitate! M-L, o prietena ziarista pe care-am facut-o sa râda cu traducerea libera “fesses-bouque/bouc”(bouc=tzap!) îmi spunea recent:”hey, NU exista viata privata(personala) pe FB, e o retea sociala ca altele, deci PUBLICA! Daca ai ceva de comunicat, de transmis sau de împartasit – en toute confidentialité et en toute discrétion – evita FB sau alta retea sociala! FB izoleaza, dând falsa impresie ca apropie oamenii! Adevarata viata sociala e cea concreta, cu familia si prietenii! În cazul lu’ FB, e vorba de marketing ‘la greu’, cu obiective precise pe care nici-un membru-FB nu le stapâneste. Fiecare info înscrisa pe net, e analizata si “clasata”, indiferent de unde provine. FB si toate retele sociale sunt cele mai usoare mijloace pentru a centraliza si-a stocka informatii.” Well, it does make (common) sense… Welcome to the real world where we can be REAL friends! :-)

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5 thoughts on “To have or not to have “fesses-bouque/bouc”…:-)

  1. Well I’m on faceebook and appreciate it. a lot for what I use it for :) La Palisse would hava said so :)
    Most of the people I write with are real friends, I mean friends from before, I knew them long time ago and even at school for some of them :)
    For the ones I never met, it’s just like the pen-pals I used to have in my shool years :)
    You can keep in touch writing only some lines without beine too serious :)
    Everyone has got the choice, always, to use it or not, and the way you want, you can protect you, or not :)

    • :-) Michèle, I know you’re an exception to the FB rule… ;-) c’est une parodie, une caricature, as I’m fed-up with people who make fun of those who do NOT have a FB-account… :D I can “survive” very well without it and I keep in touch with my friends via email&phone… :-)

      • Yes I understand you quite well :)
        I use facebook as a “short-story” blog instead of a real blog which is more as a “novel ‘ :) and as a playground too with some “selected” ones :) and a Babel tower too considering all the languages I mix :)

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