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All the pictures, videos and texts shown on incaunipocrit.wordpress.com are the property of their respective owners. We don’t hold any copyright about mentioned content except my texts – Ado Feck, balauru, Dan Pohic and Melanie B.’s texts. The rest of pictures, videos and texts of incaunipocrit.wordpress.com have been collected from different public sources and websites, considered to be in the public domain. Most of them re-blogged from WordPress.com.
incaunipocrit.wordpress.com makes every attempt possible to source the artist or photographer, but sometimes cannot find the exact information. We do respect the others’ work. If you have recognized or noticed one of your photos, videos or anything @ incaunipocrit.wordpress.com, please email me: jean.balauru@gmail.com, and at your request, a link on your portfolio/site (if you’re the author) will be added, otherwise the material will be removed, or we will find another way to arrange the situation. We also encourage you to contact us with information about original sources, if it’s not mentioned on the site. We find images from the Web that are covered under “Fair Use” and believed to belong to the public domain.Thank you for your attention! :)

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