Macaca fuscata – Japanese macaque…:-)

Parc national de Kirishima, Yakushima Island, Kyushu, Japan… September-2012… :-) – – – “Omul e o maimuta denaturata.”(Jean Rostand) =øøø= “Omul se lauda ca a coborât din maimuta, dar o maimuta nu se va lauda niciodata ca a coborât din om!”(Georges Elgozy) =øøø= “Pai daca omul a coborât din maimuta, poate urca înapoi, nu?!”(Buster Keaton) :-) Maimuta detine un loc important în mitologia japoneza si e adesea prezenta în piesele de teatru si la anumite sarbatori, dintre care O-Bon, festival budist ce onoreaza stramosii, unde […]

Usa, Oita Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan… September-2012

orasul unde locuiesc dragii mei prieteni Kyoko & Nobuo… :-) – – – From Wiki citire: :-) Usa (宇佐市 Usa-shi?) is a city located in Ōita Prefecture, Japan. Usa is famous for being the location of the Usa Shrine, built in 725, the head shrine of all of Hachiman shrines in Japan. – – – There have been claims that products made in […]

Sasebo Beach, Kyushu, Japan… end of August-2012

  – – – N.B. The best time to enjoy sunbathing and swimming is from mid-July to mid-August. In September, the water still feels warm(28°C!), but jellyfish start showing up in late summer, so you’re risking a sting if you walk on one, which did happen to me! :-)