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26 April 2011.

This video is called Democracy Explained by the Dictator of Qatar …. Can’t get any funnier , a must see.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

30 March 2011 18.26 BST

Libyan rebels are preparing to launch a television channel, broadcasting from Qatar.

The channel, named simply Libya and calling itself „the new channel for all Free Libyans” had been scheduled to start transmissions this evening, according to local media reports, though it is unclear whether that deadline will be met.

It has started by now.

There was frenzied activity this evening at the Doha compound here the channel is based. Qatari police prevented journalists approaching the offices where technical staff appeared to be working.

A spokesman for Libya‘s Interim National Council, the hastily formed western-backed rebel leadership body, said that the timing was ideal.

„This is the first time in recent history that the Arab…

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