Berlusconi bombs Libya, imprisons war refugees

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21 June 2011.

Along with other NATO governments, Silvio Berlusconi of Italy bombs Libya in a „humanitarian” war.

So „humanitarian” is the war that it kills civilians. So „humanitarian” is the war that Italian and other NATO warships ignore war refugees ships’ SOS signals, letting many people die.

So „humanitarian” is the war that the Berlusconi regime, playing the racist card hoping thus to boost their flagging popular support, treats those refugees from NATO’s Libyan war that do not drown, as criminals, locking them up behind barbed wire.

This video says about itself:

More than 15,000 immigrant workers have fled Libya following the violence there, with thousands having been sent to a holding centre in Sicily which is usually off limits to journalists.

An isolated housing development in the Mineon countryside is where many of the refugees called home, but an uncertain future and political…

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