Fukushima nuclear disaster victims are angry

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TEPCO Fukushima disaster, cartoon

From Reuters new agency:

Fukushima victims: homeless,desperate and angry

By Yoko Kubota – Mon Oct 17 2011, 9:57 pm ET

FUKUSHIMA, Japan – At last, victims of Japan’s nuclear crisis can claim compensation. And they are angry.

They are furious at the red tape they have to wade through just to receive basic help and in despair they still cannot get on with their lives seven months after the huge quake and tsunami triggered the world’s worst nuclear disaster in 25 years.

Shouts fill a room at a temporary housing complex where seven officials, kneeling in their dark suits, face 70 or so tenants who were forced to abandon their homes near the Fukushima nuclear plant after some of its reactors went into meltdown after the March 11 quake struck.

„We don’t know who we can trust!” one man yelled in the cramped room where the officials were trying…

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