NATO in, women’s rights out in Libya

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This video says about itself:

Libya’s new leader declares that Sharia law will be the ‘main source’ for the new constitution, raising eyebrows. CNN’s Brian Todd reports.

From Women’s eNews in the USA, on Libya:

Friday, October 28, 2011

Libya‘s long-awaited declaration of liberation excluded female voices and raised questions about how the tide might turn on matters of family law. The country’s interim leader faced immediate backlash for endorsing a return to unrestricted polygamy. …

Three days later, after eight months of civil war pitting rebel fighters and defected soldiers against troops loyal to Gadhafi, the North African nation’s new leadership proudly declared its liberation. High ranking officials of the now governing National Transitional Council took the stage one after the other to pay passionate tribute to Libya’s martyrs–their sons and brothers, but also their mothers, their wives and sisters – building up momentum to Abdul-Jalil’s…

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