7 thoughts on “FOTO Cel mai mare penis din lume este aproape la fel de lung cât cel mai mic om de pe Planetă

    • :-) It may be interesting for some women, but this is not my post… it’s Té’s post – my friend & author of this international blog… :-) You may have noticed we’re 3 editors… :-)

  1. I hit the translation button but it does not translate on your posts only shows how to add button to one’s blog. So it seems it is just an add not a translator (?).

    • I will check, but you always can use Google translator, it’s the best ( copy + paste if you are real curious :-) ) If you browse with Chrome there are many translation applications which offer translations to you.

    • I checked and if you scroll down you put the blog link, and chose from which language to which language. Please try again, click in the widget and scroll down

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