101 Old woman

101 Year-Old
  Woman Drives an 81 Year-Old

There is hope for us all.
Wonder what her
  insurance cost is?

This video clip is priceless. Notice at the very end
  when she steps on
a little red towel to get into the car so she
  won’t dirty the running
board, then picks it up and puts it in the
  car so she can use it when
she gets out!

Precious lady! An amazing lady, 101 years old driving an
car and changes the oil and spark plugs herself! This
  is a hoot!

Click Here: Two
  Classics, One Car.mp4 – YouTube

3 thoughts on “101 Old woman

    • merci, aha, got it: deci la anii mei, mai am sanse de-a învata ceva mecanica, pentru a evita pe viitor de-a ma uita ca pisica-n calendar sau ca vitelu’ la poarta noua…:-) =))

  1. classy lady, „cool” car…:-) 101 ani? Peste un secol de viata, OMG! Nici de 80 n-arata si cunoaste mecanica, nu ca mine, de-abia am aflat cum sa deschide capota si recent un’ se branseaza GPS-u’ pe masina mea, ca p-ailalta „gaura” e la vedere!:-) =))

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