A palace on the “promenade des Anglais” : The Negresco !

This five stars hotel situated on the Promenade des Anglais has the name of its first owner the romanian Henri Negresco who had it built in 1912!

He faced problems in his affairs when occurred World War I, after being a hospital he was sold to a Belgian compagny, let’s build Europe🙂  The actual owner is Mrs Jeanne Augier, 89 years old, she never accepted to sell her hotel to a company, she loves the luxurious decorations and furnishings, she displays art collections in her place too and lives in the “rotonde” on the roof of her hotel🙂 with its own terrace !

You can notice walking along the sea and giving a glance to this huge building, a doorman dressed as one of the 18th-century with a red-plumed postilion hat🙂  I can’t find a picture, sorry !

I won’t tell you about the prices of the rooms, suites and so on🙂



10 thoughts on “A palace on the “promenade des Anglais” : The Negresco !

  1. Here they are and whether the person who takes you there chooses a room on the back of the hotel, nearly scary🙂 or with view to the sea you will know who he is🙂
    Rooms on the back: from 184 to 224 euros per night without breakfast which costs 30 euros, yes true ! per person !
    Rooms to the sea : from 288 to 568 for a suite of 80 sq meters , you can have a junior suite which is cheaper🙂
    You have to add the tourist tax 1,50 euros per day and per person🙂

  2. @ 9
    I’m sorry but I don’t practise the Romanian language, I understand that you speak about the architecture of the years 1900 in Oradea am I right ?
    I’m watching some pictures of the lovely buildings of this town and find the Negresco from Nice is in the same style and colours🙂

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