The USofA: once more crazy & free gunmen land…:-(

Newtown, Connecticut…
Homegrown terrorism, domestic terrorists armed by the NRA…😦
28 innocent victims, 20 kids, RIP… Cel mai oribil masacru de la Virginia Tech, în 2007.
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2 thoughts on “The USofA: once more crazy & free gunmen land…:-(

    • Michèle, I’m shocked, but NOT surprised: sa mère avait une collection d’armes-à-feu!

      Bill Clinton did try to do something about it, but W-bush aka „Iraq has wmd & in Mexico they speak Mexican!” gave all powers to the republican-oriented NRA, brrr! Kids and teenagers can purchase/get a gun and shoot anyone they meet! The Americans haven’t learnt anything from the other mass-killings, hélas and unfortunately!😦

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