A simple and short breakup story

by Balauru


 to Andrea and her Ex Adi 

You want to tell me something nice

to make me feel good

but any words will leave me crying

you will go and I’ll be so alone

I’ll be like dyeing…

You say that I let you down

When you expected less

I say you never had to worry

…I was wrong and now I feel so bad

I am so sorry….

Baby please don”t leave me

Please forgive me

I’m so sorry

please believe me

I do love you

I really love you

Give me one more chance

And I’ll show you

You were my friend

you were my lover

so many times… I drove you mad

I always thought we love each other

..But only now I understand

It was only in my head….

8 thoughts on “A simple and short breakup story

  1. I don’t think somebody has the copyright for „friend and lover”:-) in my story it was so and I haven’t listened to Blunt or Dion to get the inspiration:-) I have another song I like in which I use the large used expression of rain washing the pain. I think in different contexts it has it’s magic anyway.:-)

  2. melodioase versuri…:-) Apartin unei melodii compuse de tine?
    – – –
    @”You were my friend, you were my lover… suna a „amitié amoureuse”…:-)

    • Yes it’s always the same old story:) james Blunt sang ” Goodbye my friend, goodbye my lover” and Céline Dion „Il a l’air d’hésiter entre une histoire d’amour ou d’amitié ”:)

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