from Australia, with love and koala teddybear(s)…:-)

Hi Melanie! After amazing Sydney, we’re visiting Noosa National Park, one of Australia’s favourites and one of the easiest to access by foot from local areas. Shall we bring you a cute koala teddybear? More pix soon. Love, E. & P.



6 thoughts on “from Australia, with love and koala teddybear(s)…:-)

  1. The fireworks in Sydney are as famous as the koala teddybears:)
    I would have liked to see you travelling with your backpack:)

    • yep, they are quite bizarre & special…:-) Am vazut o fetita în avion de la Lanzarote la Toulouse cu un backpack(rucsac?) koala ce seamana quasi-perfect cu unu’ real!:-)

    • me, too, également…:-) dar pâna una, alta, ne vom multumi sa-i privim, sunt extrem de fragili…:-)

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