„I went to the market”



It’s a rainy Sunday today so I’m going to a little market in Aix en Provence in pictures :) I enjoyed going there every morning and ate strawberries I just bought while I was looking at the colourful vegetables :)

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6 thoughts on “„I went to the market”

  1. Foarte diversificate sunt produsele si foarte frumos prezentate, o incantare sa mergi la piata!
    Va imbratisez cu mult drag, doamna Melanie! :)

    • Imi cer scuze, pentru confuzia pe care am facut-o, am inteles ca sunteti mai multi colaboratori. Nu am stiut acest lucru. Sper sa nu va suparati. Imi pare rau pentru neatentia mea! Va multumesc mult, michelembote, pentru intelegere!
      O seara minunata va doresc tuturor! :)

      • Multumec mult doamna Stefania ! I don’t speak romanian even iif I begin to understand it more and more :)
        I’m happy you enjoyed those different and coulourful fruits and vegetables :)
        Don’t worry, no matter who wrote the post, the most important thing is that it can bring you some pleasure !

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