Vive l’amour sans frontières ou barrières sociales!:-)

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Printesa Charlotte Casiraghi, 27 ani în vara si „sa majesté Gad”(bucurie în ebraica!) Elmaleh, 42 ani luna-viitoare, francofon marocano-canadian, umorist, actor, realizator, muzician si-au confirmat relatia de un an si ceva aseara la „Sept À Huit”(TF1):
O zicala franceza sustine ca:”les chiens ne font pas des chats!”(mot-à-mot: dogs don’t make cats – LOL!) – ce s-ar traduce liber cu:”ce se naste din pisica, tot soareci manânca!” În acest caz: like mother – Caroline de Monaco, like daughter – Charlotte! :-)

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16 thoughts on “Vive l’amour sans frontières ou barrières sociales!:-)

  1. By the way Charlotte is not a princess even if she could „climb” on the throne :)
    And her mother is more than a princess being married with Ernst August of Hannover, whio could be the king of England if the „salic law” existed in this kingdom she is a royal Highness :)

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