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Hi guys!🙂 We started this blog 3 years ago and we’ve had a lot of fun together…🙂 As mentioned @ „Closing time” our WP allowed space has been used and if you wanna follow us, come over, please @ Mélanie’s  Crossroads:


and @ balauru forever:🙂


This blog contains original posts written by „inca-un-ipocrit” aka Ado Feck, Motek, Basil Wheel, Pacala – internet dreamer, of Hermin Abramovitch – genius photographer&philosopher, and of Mélanie, our friend. All the pictures, videos and texts @ ‘incaunipocrit.wordpress.com’ are the property of their respective owners. We don’t hold any copyright about mentioned content except my texts – Ado Feck, balauru, Dan Pohic and Melanie’s texts. The rest of pictures, videos and texts have been collected from different sources and websites, considered to be in the public domain, most of them re-blogged from WordPress.com.

N.B. ‘incaunipocrit.wordpress.com’ has made every attempt possible to source the artist or photographer, but sometimes cannot find the exact information. We do respect the others’ work and if you’ve recognized or noticed one of your photos, videos or anything else @ ‘incaunipocrit.wordpress.com’, please do email me: jean.balauru@gmail.com, and at your request, a link on your portfolio/site. If you’re the author, your name will be added, of course, otherwise the material will be removed. Thank you for your comprehension!🙂

Dear WP blogger(s), reblogging is sharing…🙂

reblogged from:  Across 110th Street.

209 thoughts on “About – Comments are closed.

    • I live in Toulouse, France and I do know where PR is…🙂 This post was written by Té, my pal & autor of the „playground”…🙂 Gracias & hasta luego, amigo!🙂

  1. I see rebloging as a gift. I am new to WordPress and the only way I got any readership was because a friend reblogged me. I think that
    sharing what we like is a true complement to the original blogger and the friend. I’m always eager to meet new friends.


    • Welcome to our international playground, Dennis! You’re completely right: reblogging=sharing and sometimes meeting new pals…🙂
      Best wishes and thanx for dropping-by!🙂

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